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Equipped with "Highly Automated Clinical Chemistry, Hematology and Immune Analyzers", with Laboratory Information System connectivity to ensure better reliability and rapid turnaround time, the Laboratory Division includes the following sections:

Clinical Chemistry

Offering a wide variety of laboratory tests, including general chemistry profiling, enzyme determination, lip profiling, cardiac risk marking, liver function tests, kidney profiling and individual protein quantitation.

Clinical Hematology

Including automated and manual blood counts, coagulation studies and malaria identification, thalassemia and sickle cell carries, red blood cell disorders, plus CSF and other body fluid analyses.

Clinical Microbiology

Detection and identification of bacteria and other microorganism causing human pathogenic infections related to different body sites and organs. Rapid direct antigen detection for diagnosis of a wide range of pathogens in CNS and others, including Adenovirus and Rota virus. Drug susceptibility testing to help in antimicrobial treatment. Services related to mycobacterial (Mycobacteriology) and fungal (Mycology) infections. Services for fungal infections including detection of different yeast and mold types.

Micro Parasitology
Services pertaining to investigating parasitic infections, blood detection, Sudan III and reducing substance in stool. Urinalysis incorporating chemical analysis and microscopy. Crystals in joint fluid detection and identification, RBC morphology and semen analysis.


Offering tests for the diagnosis of antigen and antibody reactions, detected using agglutination, flocculation, precipitation, fluorescence and enzyme linked inmmunosorbent assay (ELISA)

Including Thyroid panel and productive endocrinology and hormonal test and tumor markers: PSA, CA19-9 and drug toxicology.

Phlebotomy Services
First-come, first-served.
Specimen collections provided
Outpatient service, M-F, 0800 -1700, Sat 0800 -1400.

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